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At the core of our business is an enthusiasm for problem solving and doing what we do exceptionally well.
Pawns - About Partridge Consulting

We commenced operations over a decade ago with an initial focus on project management.

Over the years we have been involved in a wide range of projects from the very small and strategic through to large, complex enterprise-wide transformational projects and programs involving multiple vendors, consulting organisations and complex stakeholder relationships.

We have extensive experience across the project life cycle including –

  • Preparing complex business cases,
  • Preparing detailed delivery / implementation plans that cover both the strategic perspective and the required detail needed at the project and workstream delivery level for successful execution,
  • Project delivery involving technical complexity. These complexities have ranged from ICT, HR and IR, media management, process change, etc.,
  • Presenting to senior organisational leadership through to operational and community level interested parties, and
  • Benefit management.

Progressively we have diversified into a number of other areas including –

  • Change management across the full range of vertical and horizontal stakeholders typical of a large initiative,
  • The internal and external customer service delivery/customer experience,
  • Bringing innovation and creative improvements to service delivery with particular emphasis on customer/community/citizen centric design, and
  • Process management including review, redesign, and optimisation.
We are based in South Australia with our offices located in Glenelg.

We place a premium upon

Always acting in the best interests of our clients.

Taking the time to listen and understand our client’s perspective and requirements.

Delivering quality outcomes and results.

Sharing our knowledge and skills with clients and their staff.

Our policy is to hire our staff within the respective jurisdiction we operate in.